8 Reels of Sewage Nov04

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8 Reels of Sewage

Adult film editor, Belinda Brimhouse, quits working for her perverted boss and tries to make an adult film on her own.


Starring Jacqueline Cereceres, Katja Glieson and Stephanie Hernandez

Written and directed by Jared Masters






On the cusp of 1970, adult film editor Belinda Brimhouse is exhausted with the ever-surmounting tasteless film reels, piling up under the command of her seedy boss, Don Arrolls. After being fired, Belinda sets out to produce a motion picture all her own, hoping to prove to business rivals like Mr. Whiteman that she has what it takes to finish a sophisticated erotic film, without all the crudity that’s quickly becoming prominent in mainstream adult cinema. But the reality of the field and pressure from peers turns Belinda into a corrupt casting couch director, coupled with seemingly pointless mind games, innocent actresses like Janet can hardly handle, but allow. How will Belinda prevail, with such an insisting palate, soured by new batches of uncooperative girls, all while a hired hit man is out to put a quick end to her, and her blossoming career? It’s an untamed ride through the mishaps and brawls of a “bad” B movie production, pickled with all the trash you’d hope for; numerous negligées, greasy go-gos, playful pillow fights, starved, sex-trafficked slaves, and naughty, needle-pricking nurses! Everything‘s exploited! A psychological comedy compiled of piles and piles of puns that parallel real life at large. A picture destined for demeaning critical review, meant to ultimately be lost in some scum-saturated cellar, for none to view, and few to remember!





“A pretty entertaining mix of effective comedy, character study and sleaze…. The attention to detail here is pretty impressive, as is the technique…. A lot of sexploitation throwback style pictures fall flat on their face and fail to capture what made those movies so interesting. 8 Reels of Sewage manages to avoid most of the trappings that many of its ilk fall prey to and turns out to be a well made and entertaining love letter to the sleazy softcore quickies of yesteryear.”

– Ian Jane, rockshockpop.com 

“8 Reels of Sewage is an affectionate homage to the crossroads between nudies and roughies in the late ’60s … this is basically an unabashed wallow in the world of softcore cinematic yesteryear … The monochrome appearance is handled with more care than usual for low budget films saluting the era, and fans of the era should be happy with its intentionally grubby aesthetic (which also includes some sparing but appropriate injections of stock footage, naturally … Director Jared Masters (who earlier helmed the gaudier Climb It, Tarzan) shows an affectionate eye for the decadent side of Hollywood wannabes…”

– Nathaniel Thompson, mondo-digital.com


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