Amethyst Jul15

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A girl consumes a vial of LSD and succumbs to a bizarre fantasy world, with strange beings and a magical obelisk.


Starring Grace Klich and Valerie Miller

Written and directed by Jared Masters










The surreal true story of a beautiful birthday girl, whose 16 innocent years on earth are extremely disrupted by the celebration of her turning 17. It comes in the form of a dropper bottle, a full vile. It was intended for the entire party, but without thinking she consumes it all. Her quick decent into horrifying hallucinations transpire, as she explores her mother’s garden, with her best friend Ember, who tragically gave her the gift, in pursuit.



Psycho-sensationalist Jared Masters invite you on a trip that might last… forever. The new school of cinematic marvels is introduced in the form of… a girl, who gets trapped in that trip, because she exceeded the recommended dose, the warning; that one drop is enough.






“Heavy on style and trippy nuance, AMETHYST is one LSD trip appreciators of art house horror will definitely want to check out. In this dialog-less experimental film, a pair of women take some LSD and go on a sometimes beautiful/sometimes haunting trek across a mansion grounds, a countryside, along a river, and through a cemetery. Writer/director Jared Masters gives these two damsels room to explore the locale and come in contact with some pretty trippy things along this fantastical journey. AMETHYST is going to be a psychedelic little pill worth popping.”

Ain’t It Cool News

“We all know that once you exceed the recommended dose of any form of substance, you’re usually off to La La Land, so the upcoming film Amethyst, which has just begun shooting, will serve as a warning to be extra careful when it comes to solvents.”

– Dread Central

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Introducing Grace Klich as Amethyst, and Valerie Miller as Ember. Co-starring Derrick Biedenback as the Centaur, with The Prince of Horror Erotica himself, Jared Masters, portraying the Nobleman. Cinematography by Takede Osheame. Production assistance and continuity by Matt McPartland and Casey Plemons.




This new horror fantasy was filmed in stunning 4K resolution. It is the first feature film Jared Masters has shot outside of California, and is completely void of dialogue.


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HORROR NEWS: Filming begins on the new horror fantasy ‘Amethyst’

DREAD CENTRAL: Cameras Start Rolling on Horror Fantasy Film Amethyst

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