Climb It, Tarzan! Jan08

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Climb It, Tarzan!

In the dawn of the men’s magazine era, a 1960s lesbian pin-up photographer tries to corrupt and abduct her models.


Also known as…


Starring Corsica Wilson, Simone Wasserman and Maura Murphy

Written and directed by Jared Masters






Aspiring glamour model Ginger learns the only available photo assignments are for salacious men’s magazines, and that she must risk eviction or must succumb to the sadistic perversions of dominating lesbian photographer Paula. As naïve Ginger discovers first-hand that there’s no chance of becoming a wholesome pin-up queen, her secretive sister Janet takes a job as a go-go dancer: baring her flesh by night and living out of a Venice Beach sailboat by day.
A stylized Los Angles of the 1960s – chocked with girls in bikinis drinking highballs by the swimming pool – is the setting for CLIMB IT, TARZAN!, the hip new cinematic love-letter to mid-century sexploitation cinema.
Inspired by that old chestnut about pretty girls being laid to waste on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, CLIMB IT, TARZAN! is both parody and pastiche of the genre that reigned supreme until the early ‘70s.




“For once, one of these throwback movies actually deliver on what they promise … very well … with some twists and turns, and loads and loads of beautiful, buxom ladies…  This movie hits all the right notes…. The music is fantastic, and fits the period it’s trying to capture perfectly…. This movie is a fetishist’s dream as every girl is dressed sexy, and tons of classic sexploitation set pieces play out in really nice ways…. I have to say that this is a damn good tribute to the trash of that era. I really, really recommend this one…”

– Ehren Hertel,


“I appreciate the effort it must of taken to dress up every actress in flawless renditions of Sixties Mod fashion … I admire the aesthetic in this film…. I have never seen such a textbook case of a pretty female cast being ‘all dressed up with nowhere to go.’”

 – Sinferno,


“Obscure cinema fans out there with a high tolerance level may get something out of this one…”

– KennyB,


“Some very attractive women are featured, with a few that actually posses some charisma and screen presence.”

   – Carroll Jenkins,


“This one’s strictly for fanciers of do-it-yourself cinema and other oddities.”

– Gary Dretzka,


“While there is no shortage of lovely ladies to ogle as the movie unfurled, this concept severely hampered any continuity in the story. Still not convinced? Well how about this for a cast list: Paula, Ginger, Susan, Renee, Fanny, Janice, Darlene, Wanda, Colleen, Pamela, Barbara, Vicki, Gail, Vicki, Tina, Karen, Laura, Amy, Geraldine, Charlotte, Marjorie, Brenda, Delores, Phyllis, Liz, Gay, Sheryl, Tracy, Jo, Holly, Lila, Bonny, Shannon, Georgina, Evelyn, Nancy, Misty, Linda, Carolyn, Tootise, Rosaline, Sandy, Debbie and someone credited as “Waitress”! Try cramming that lot into a 74 minute feature AND conjuring a cohesive narrative!”

– Marc Lissenburg,


“Think of it as the retro sleaze version of The Women.”

– Nathaniel Thompson,




Climb It, Tarzan! is a fresh take on the “Good Girl Gone Bad in Hollywood” tale.