Club Lingerie Jul01

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Club Lingerie


Bouvier employs lingerie models at a once famous nightclub, which attract more customers, but also an unknown killer.


Starring Bouvier, Andy Dick and Richard-Lael Lillard

Written and directed by Jared Masters







The 8th motion picture by the bold boutique Hollywood-based production company. What is Club Lingerie? It’s a character driven dark indie screwball comedy grounded by a “who-dun-it?” murder-mystery horror plot, with melodramatic undertones and a bass note of erotic non-relief.

The star of Andy Milligan’s last film, Surgikill (1989) … the “Cult Film Goddess” herself… Bouvier, has spent the last 25 years in hiatus, turning down contract after contract from the biggest studios in Hollywood, until … The Young Sultan of Sensationalism finally convinced her to re-enter the lime light as the star of his newest picture, Club Lingerie, the story of a sophisticated woman who inherits a once ragging night club from her grandfather, only to suffer from the times’ economy, until her brilliant idea of sporting lingerie models turns the business back around… but also into a killer’s canvas for a blood bath.






“If you’re a fan of John Waters’ earlier films like me, which shined a light on an oddball culture of misfits and weirdoes, you might see some of that same kind of charm at work here in CLUB LINGERIE…. There’s a rough-edged coolness about how director Jared Masters just keeps the film rolling through obvious gaffes, uncomfortable pauses, and bloopers. It’s just kind of fun seeing through the veil of cinematic polish…. There is something appealing about the weird world CLUB LINGERIE features…. It looks like the cast and crew had a blast making this film, and that’s what the filmmaker was successful in showing.

– Mark Miller, Ain’t It Cool News


“Club Lingerie is not just a murder mystery, first and foremost it’s a great deal of fun featuring quite a few very lovely girls wearing very little … fun comedy interludes by quite a few fan faves … add to this details like a dog in lingerie, one perverted character who’s actually nothing more than a muppet, inexplicably, and a little dance number to close the movie, and you’re in a very weird place already, only accentuated by the directorial effort that is more reminiscent of 1970s grindhouse cinema than everything else (which goes very well with the story as such of course) … and you’ve got yourself a highly entertaining little romp!”

– Mike Haberfelner,




On set, Bouvier has been an inspiration to all. Actors who spent their whole lives studying all the classic techniques have now sworn to re-evaluate their methods after witnessing the groundbreaking craft she possesses. The camera loves her. The fans want her. The networks are begging for the rights to… Club Lingerie, the weirdest, wildest, funniest, freakiest movie ever made, with most of Masters’ usuals, composing an outrageously colorful cast of characters for carefully illustrated camp. Jacqueline Guzman Cereceres also stars, as Hattie, a gorgeous golden bar-keep from South-East Saturn, plus Neptune’s Dawna Lee Heising as Shelby Gator, and the beautiful boy wonder, Richie Lillard, as her luscious lover, Legs Benedict. Jessica Knopf also stars as a princess who came down from her castle to portray Zula (that’s her real description, not her character’s). Domiziano Arcangeli, the Sex Symbol of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow… “The White Stallion of Cinema” has taken the motion picture to another dimension, with his trailblazing portrayal of Desmond, the jealous lover.




Geo Sargent also graces the film with his powerful screen presence, straight from a child’s story book, the fearless jester walks a tight-rope of fine-tuned acting abilities that can be described best as splendid and heart-warming with jovial comedic chops…. A man with the mightiest touch…. The brilliant Art Roberts portrays the crazed preacher, paranoid of the drones. And … Jennifo Box … The Human Delicacy, statuesque, the damsel lights up a room with her tone, and proves acting is more than a hobby. Sydney Raye Smith makes the film even better, and makes the filming process a breeze because she’s as pleasant to be around as she is pleasant.




Andy Dick is also in this movie! Plus a bunch of other fabulous people like Mindy Robinson, Nicole Shipley, Maria Olsen, Alexandra Skiba, Vera Taylor, Laura Amelia, Jesse Briandi, Lauren Taler, Robert Evans, Glenn Brunno, Joe Karam, Kara Michelotti, Liliana Lev, Rachel LeMar, Ernesto Orellano, Trevor Doss, Varian Gray, Billy Hendrickson, Ashley Kyron, Isabella Georgiou, Curtis Simmons, David Bocanegra, Mickey Woodall, Shelley Sheraton, Mystic Marlow and LeJon. The film is produced by John Van Harlingen, Bouvier, Julia Faye West, Sunny Vachher, Jacqueline Guzman Cereceres, Richy B. Jacobs, Michael Anthony, Mikko Tervonen and Seth Metoyer. Art Direction by Ryan Henneman. Stills by David Levin, Valerie Paignien and Melanie J. Brown.­­ Special effects make-up by Billy Hendrickson. Production design by Mystic Marlow. Directed by Jared Masters. Trailer coming soon. It’s going to be a killer party at… Club Lingerie.

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