Deadly Punkettes May29

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Deadly Punkettes

The ghost of a former lead singer, in an all-girl band, returns to haunt her double, who takes credit for her songs.


Starring Andy Dick, Lourdes Narro and Lauren Taler

Written and directed by Jared Masters







There have been numerous films with ‘Deadly’ in the title. In 1957 Nathan Juran brought us a movie called The Deadly Mantis, about a giant praying mantis, who voraciously preys on American military. In 1974 Doris Wishman brought us a movie called Deadly Weapons, about a busty woman who goes after mobsters for killing her boyfriend. In 1984 Charles E. Sellier Jr. brought us a movie called Silent Night, Deadly Night, about boy who goes on a murderous rampage dressed as Santa. In 1986 Wes Craven brought us a movie called Deadly Friend, about a robot named “BB” whose brain gets implanted into a human girl. In 2014 Jared Masters is bringing us a movie called Deadly Punkettes, about a teenage girl band that gets terrorized by a former member’s ghost.



Starring the beacon of white light D’Lannie Brown as Aspen, a bassist and lead vocalist of a hot up-and-coming band she forms with Carby, played by lovable Lauren Taler. The newest name on the indie lot Danielle Stavin joins them as drummer, Zeb. And Rainy, keyboard, is covered by the captivating Skylar Ripp. Also starring, the former mayor of Sweet City, Lourdes Narro is Edith, the band’s biggest fan.





Debonair and dashing Dave Knapp plays Gil Mopking, the band’s first manager, threatened by big-shot record producer Sicily Mane, portrayed by Jillean Tucker, a young starlet who keeps a pretty good secret of being an enchanted princess. Are her plans for the band merely a scheme to please her latch-on lover Jezabelle Winters, played by the alluring and sexually upsetting Layla Zova.



The potent plot is full of twists and turns, dark humor and frights that delve into paranormal and psychotic territory. A band; on their way to commercial success. Can they get there before destroying themselves and each other? Do they live to love, or love to kill?



The film also features Julia Faye West, Dawna Lee Heising, Ashley Whelan, Kyara Pintos, Kelly De Vries, Ella Arro, Kamuela Kim, Rachel Verret, Tammy Vo, Lindsay Lamb, Sunny Vachher, Stevie Ray C. and Mantha Balourdou.



Produced by Julia Faye West, Sunny Vachher, Seth Metoyer, Kamuela Kim, and D’Lannie Brown, with executive producer David Petovar adding to the score, along with original music by D’Lannie Brown, Eva Landon, Sean Gibson, plus Alison Ketley, Becky Skerratt and Deborah Welch of Teela, from the UK. Production design by Adam Trash. Stills by Melanie J. Brown. Hair and make-up by Alisha Ward.



The story involves a coming-of-age teen garage band, whose bassist and lead vocalist mysteriously dies, and after reluctantly getting a replacement, the band and manager get terrorized by her chilling spirit.



The next big thing… From the other side. This is the 7th feature film written and directed by Jared Masters.