Quartz Vein Aug26

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Quartz Vein


In the year 2047, prospector Eon Pax must rescue an asylum seeker enslaved by a mutant race of gold-injecting vampires.


Starring Elizabeth Rath and Jared Masters

Written and directed by Jared Masters



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2047. After the humanitarian disaster, one gold miner, Eon Pax, must risk it all to save the girl. Enslaved by a wicked mutant race of gold-injecting vampires. Gargoya, leader of the underworld, clones the perfect female specimen while tampering with Eon’s mind and mental health code. Will Eon prevail and deliver the fair maiden to Utocha, The Promised Land, or will he be cast down to the underbelly of Lagoria?




“In many ways – from the tough guy attitude of the lead to the scantily clad girls to grotesque baddies – this is a throwback to macho post doomsday cinema of the 1980s, but not in a post-modern way that seems to constantly wink at the audience, but instead it captures the spirit of the genre to tell an original story to tell an original (if sometimes slightly confusing) story. And decent pacing and interesting (and often slightly outrageous) characters really make this a fun genre watch”

– Mike Haberfelner, SearchMyTrash.com


“Great fun, if you know what to expect from a Jared Masters film! It’s the 60s/70s all over again!!! A seriously funny movie about a futuristic gold prospector who wants to free a maiden held by aliens… Buy the DVD, add it to your collection, and when you just want to veg out, sit back and enjoy!”

– FilmArt

“Unlike many micro-budget bores that move at a snail’s pace, Quartz Vein is swiftly edited, has silly situations a-plenty and … is knowingly trashy fun.”

– Adrian Smith, MOVIES and MANIA


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